mamonova - patient path in oncology



SKHB is supporting mamonova GmbH with the development of an it-based system representing electronically the patient path of a patient with breast cancer.

The optimization of patient care for patients with breast cancer is a major goal of mamonova GmbH, a network of gynecologists, radiologists, oncologists, radiotherapists and pathologists. mamonova puts the patient back into the center. By optimizing the integration of medical services by the different specialists mamonova aims at the optimization of patient care and shortening of time of treatment.

To achieve these important goals, SKHB is developing a patient-centered IT-based system that allows to visualize all relevant medical data in an intuitive fashion for all specialists of the mamonova network involved in the treatment of breast cancer patients.

SKHB is also taking care of privacy rights, data integrity and security. The newest internationally accredited IT-concepts are used to fullfill these important requirements.